1.Management of personal information

We endeavor to treat your personal information with the utmost respect and care as we understand how important it is to you.
To ensure that our customers have confidence and trust in us and our reliability, we will properly supervise our employees to ensure that personal information is respected by all staff.

2.The acquisition and use of personal information

We collect personal information such as customer names, addresses and telephone numbers for business use.
Personal information is used for the purposes below.

  1. Replies to inquiries
  2. For your stay in our guest house and for events at the guest house during your stay
  3. Advertisement and notification of services
  4. Customer management

Personal information will only be used for the above purposes with the customer’s prior consent and while following all relevant laws.

3.Sharing of personal information to third parties

We will not, in any circumstances, share any customer’s personal information with third parties unless we have prior consent and when applicable by law.

4.Contact information

Telephone 070-4463-6109
Reception hours 10:00-18:00
If you are unable to get through via the telephone, please contact us using the inquiry form.

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